Shuttle Reservation Systems?

Our software is designed to take the hassle out of your shuttle reservations. On average you would have an electronic form on your website that travelers fill out. Thereafter your staff has to manually add travelers to their shuttle routes.

With our integrated software the process is automated:

  1. The traveler selects a route.
  2. Secondly the date / time-slot is selected.
  3. Then view detailed information of the route.
  4. Enter their customer details.
  5. The payment via Visa/Master or instant EFT. (We arrange your merchant account)
  6. After a successful transaction a ticket is issued with all relevant travel information via email and sms.
  7. The travelers information is allocated to the selected route and shows up on the screen in the back-office, your drivers list are automatically generated.

You and your staff did not have to move a finger and can spend their time with marketing and expansion.

In short that is the process

What have you gained:

  • All information is captured by the traveller, therefore minimizing the chance of errors made with the loading of email and phone numbers.
  • You can accept reservations 24 hours a day without being at your office.
  • You reservations can be made any period in the future and you can allocate additional vehicles to a route when it is fully booked. [For instance Easter or Christmas period]
  • All software is manned and updated by our team meaning no down time. We work remotely and therefore do not interfere or move around in your office.
  • We use the highest possible security protocol to minimise any intrusions.
  • You personnel is trained online and we assist them 24hours a day.
  • You do not require a merchant account as we will negotiate that for you.
  • NO hassle with cash clients that do not show up for their transfer.

Have a look at the costs.

We have been developing our reservation system for the last three years and you get all the benefit of years of fine tuning and problem solving with our partners.

Please note that the our software and intellectual property cannot be resold or copied by affiliated parties and stay the sole property of shuttle-reservations. com

This system will manage your shuttle reservations allowing you the freedom to focus on marketing and diversifying your company. At less than half the cost of a full time reservations officer per month you cannot go wrong with



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